Renewable (Solar) Energy

Why does anyone need Renewable Energy?

  • Renewable Energy is cheaper

  • High Tariff from existing Supply Companies

  • Costly DG Set operations during Load Shedding

  • RPO (Renewable Energy Purchase Obligation)

  • Subsidy and Generation Based incentives

  • Indirect benefits like reduced AC load (For Rooftop Solutions), reduced

  • Power Factor correction cost, lesser tariff

  • REC (Environmental Attributes being traded above Rs. 9/_per unit)

  • Poor quality power from existing Supply companies

  • Depleting Fossil Fuels and Eco Friendly Power

  • Sustainable Energy Solutions

  • C.S.R. fulfillment through lesser Pollution

Practical Solutions for our needs

  • Generate your own energy through Renewable Energy System

  • (Solar / wind / Bio-Gas based energy generation)

  • Sign a Power purchase Agreement at Discounted rate (> 1 MW)

  • Purchase RECs from market

  • Use sophisticated instruments like CVTs, Stabiliser, UPS, Surge

  • Suppressor, etc. to improve power quality.